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    Default Any Recent test results on the ZR3?

    Does anyone know where i can find recent tests (2005) of the ZR3? I have purchased the pdf laser jammers tested part 2 but there is no test results on the ZR3.
    Also I have a video (13mb mpg) of my X50 Blue providing a 1000 meters of warning of an AP200 Radar Camera mounted in a Van here in New Zealand. 8)
    Does anyone know a site I can upload it to for others to see?

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    Cant help ya on anything you've asked but wanted to welcome you to the board. Well I can sort of help you, the Guys of LIDAR have already done one test and you can see the results of the ZR3 there.

    They just finished another more extensive test this weekend. Stay around to view results and purchase their DVD of the test.



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