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    Default ZR3 better than ZR4?

    I searched quickly, and all I saw was the disappointment in the ZR4 during the latest GOL test. No one seemed to connect it to the 2007 ZR3 tests.

    No one has a done a side by side on the same car and same day. Looking through CFL they seemed to be close but they were on different vehicles.

    The closest proof is 2007 and 2008 tests by GOL:

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    Default Re: ZR3 better than ZR4?

    I owned both and tested both on my car. They were pretty close, but I'd say the ZR4s were slightly better. I think the ZR4s have slightly better detection.

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    Default Re: ZR3 better than ZR4?

    Different car, different day, different alignment of planets, different cacophony of sounds being made by heavy duty chili dinners the night before.

    In order for the two tests to be comparable, the criteria for each test would need to be the same. But that wasn't the case, nor was it really feasible.




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