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    Default ZR3/4 + 9500ix = 1 left-over smart cord?

    I suppose if you interface a shifter with a detector you can't use a smart cord...(?) Or can I use it as a remote mute button with a shifter? Well... if not I suppose now I can leave the smart cord by my computer table for downloading updates instead of carrying back and forth

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    Default Re: ZR3/4 + 9500ix = 1 left-over smart cord?

    i just did this. i got the zr3 and 9500ix. when you wire everything up the zr3 control module will be hooked to a 12v power source (with ing on only) from the module u run a hard wire straight to your detector. when you turn the car on with everything on both will activate. you can unplug the hard ware on the detector and zr3/4 will still operate on its own.



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