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    Default Escort Shifter - Weird Encounter...

    I just had to inform you guys of this weird encounter. I was passing a bridge and i knew there was a LEO on it with a Pro Laser III gun and he decides to laser me as usual... and guess what both my front and rear jamming signals on the display were flickering... i was wondering what was going on and i thought there were 2 LEO's, 1 in front and 1 behind... but alas i realised that i was behind a huge white truck and most likely while the LEO on the bridge was targetting me front behind, his laser beam probably hit the truck 1st and then mine. So the infrared laser probably bounced off the truck and my front jammers got to work... It was quite funny, so i had to post it.. Check the last pic at the location below. The image isn't that clear as i rushed for my phone to take a shot before they went off.... You can make it out tho...

    Anyone else experience this?

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    This is happened to me. The laser beam just bounced off of something behind you and triggered your rear sensor too. It's pretty sensistive, mine has been set off by cops lasering people on the other side of the road after I pass by.

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    Default Same with Bel LP905

    This has also happened to me with my LP905. I was being lasered from the front going around a slight right hand curve and there was a very large freeway sign behind me.

    My V995 was first alerting to "Front", then alternating between "Front and "Rear", and then just to "Front" again once I was a bit further up.




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