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    Default ZR4 laser shifter

    How does the ZR4 interface with the RD? I have a X50 and 9500i.

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    Default Re: ZR4 laser shifter

    Quote Originally Posted by frank od View Post
    How does the ZR4 interface with the RD? I have a X50 and 9500i.
    You should have received a wire that goes into the control module to the detector. It replaces the power cord you are currently using. The RD default setting has the shifters turned on. When you get al alert the RD display will tell you if its frt or rear.( I dont know what it will do if you mount all 3 heads up frt and they all get hit simultanously). If you use that wire you wont need the ZR4 display module.
    Hope this helps.



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