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    Default Is the Z4 really that bad?

    I would really like to install a 9500ci but I'm worried about the ZR4. It never seems to do well in tests but I've also seen some respected people say it is a really good unit. I have a white BMW M3 so I'm going to need all the help I can get.

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    The ZR4 is a decent jammer, not bad.... But there are way better choices out there...

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    I know there are better jammers out there. If the 9500ci was available w/o the ZR4 then it would be an easy choice. Problem is while I can afford the 9500ci I can't afford the 9500ci plus another jammer to replace the ZR4.

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    It's very definitely not going to protect a white BMW. No chance.

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    Agreed. The zr4 is a good detector, but not fantastic. it will work for me because
    1. i dont speed very much
    2. they are illegal in illinois, so the cops arnt "extensivally trained" on all the tricks
    3. i have a small, black "sports car"

    a white suz is a huge target.

    i would get a LI Quad Laser Interceptor USA - Distributor to The USA, and Canada

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    Escort is still thinking in old terms where the LEO would target you at over 1000+ ft. They weren't looking to make a Jammer that JTG, its purpose was to give you a few extra seconds by alerting you early and jamming initially so you could slow down.

    I get targeted at 1000ft+ so it would work ok for me, but for people that get targeted at ~500ft it wont save you every time.

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    You could buy the 9500ci and then use the zr4 until you save some money for another jammer.

    People might say that some laser jammers "useless" I am of the different camp that some laser protection is better than nothing.

    If you VEIL coat your headlights on your car with the zr4 that would certainly help

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    I ended up ordering a LI from Cliff. I liked the time jamming but even better are the voice alerts that tell you what gun is targeting you. I may still go with a 9500ci eventually but for now I'll either stick with the V1 or my 8500. I may also look at the STi-R.

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    Nice choice I think the voice alerts are cool also. I am saving up some money to get a new jammer setup proably going to go LI also. Time to retire my old M-20's.

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    Default Re: Is the Z4 really that bad?

    If laser is a concern, I wouldn't trust it.




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