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    Default Zr3s alerting to K and X band

    Anyone know what is up with this? The whole system has started going haywire when a X or K band is in the vicinity, I am about to throw them in the garbarge where they belong and slap an LI dual on the rear.

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    Default Re: Zr3s alerting to K and X band

    ZR3's /4's will alert when they get "noise" on the power or ground lines. Moving the side view mirrors in my wife's scion used to set the ZR4's off until I installed a choke on the power wire.

    If your RD is getting / causing noise in the system when it alerts, simply getting a better ground and power source (higher current capacity) might solve the problem.
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    Default Re: Zr3s alerting to K and X band

    yea, the SRX used to always piss me off when the cord broke and I had to re-wire it. Ignition turning would alert as KA band

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    Default Re: Zr3s alerting to K and X band

    Dibs on them if you throw them away

    Oh wait, I think kpatz needed some "broken" ones to fix, or something. Send them to him. Better that than the trash.



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