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    Default Mute Button Problems

    Hey guys,

    Now i just have one problem. My zr3 is linked to my 9500i. However i cant find a way to turn the jammer to recieve only mode. The 9500i, during an attack, displays F/R SHIFTER (or something along those lines). Then the LED states, "SHIFTING" (or something between those lines). Now it switches between those 2 during the alert. Now when i double tap the remote mute button, nothing happens. Sometimes, like earlier today it will turn off the jammers and other times it wont (at the time i couldnt tell if they turned off or not but the shooter told me sometimes they did and sometimes they didnt). Sometimes it will say something about shifters being off and sometimes it will just not go to that "SHIFTING" screen on the 9500i display.

    Now i have my 9500i linked to the controller. Then the controller is also linked to the remote mute button and the module.

    If i double press the mute button on the module (while it is hooked up to the 9500i and remote mute button) will the jammers go into recieve only mode?

    Am i having this problem because the remote mute button wasn't on sturdy enough? I corrected this 10 minutes ago by using some 3M molding tape but i want to know that it will work before a laser attack.

    Also i know that the remote mute button works because i use it during radar falses. Sometimes the button wont sense that i pressed it because the button wasn't Velcro-ed study enough. So id have to double press it.

    Also should i turn the laser alert on the 9500i OFF? Because earlier today the 9500i sensed scatter laser before my laser jammers did and by the time i double tapped the remote mute button i had already slowed down but the double tap just silenced the 9500i laser alert (it didnt send the ZR3 into "receive only" mode).

    Thanks for all your time guys,
    Maleeh Effendi
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    Default Re: Mute Button Problems

    Just to clarify your setup:

    You have a 9500i and a Shifter ZR3 (?). You have the display unit connected to the interface, and the 9500i is also "linked" to the ZR3 via the interface cable provided.

    Once you have the detector interfaced with the Shifter, you don't need the display module installed. All alerts are generated through the detector.

    As far as setting the ZR3 to "receive mode" only, you can do that by programming the settings on your 9500i.

    Once you double-tap the remote mute button, the ZR3 will go into "receive mode" for approximately 30 seconds. Your detector will display something along the lines of "F/R Laser" until the attack stops, THEN it will display the "Shifter Off" message, or somethng like that. I would press the mute button rather quickly though. If you press it slowly, you will just mute the alert. You have to press it twice in quick succession! After the 30 seconds is up, the Shifter will go back to it's default operation "Shifter On".
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