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    Default price vs. performance

    I usually hate to stir the pot with this sort of question but here goes........

    Regarding jammers, how relevant is the purchase price relative to the performance? Performance is defined as the ability to jtg in most encounters with all the laser guns currently available.

    Also........What are the factors that most likely account for the relative merits of the various jammers? Better diodes? better firmware/software? Better R&D by the manufacturer? add others.......

    One more.........How responsive is the customer service of the various manufacturers?

    Jerry Lee
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    Default Re: price vs. performance

    it's the system as a hole... combination of Diode/CPU/FW, manufacturing process, engineering, etc...
    I'd recommend you read the jammer FAQ

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    Default Re: price vs. performance

    It depends on the vehicle you are trying to protect. If you have a small, aerodynamic black car you can get away with a cheaper detector. If you drive a chromed out SUV, it's definitely a price vs performance issue.
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