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    Default Re: Big time save: Zr4 + veil

    Quote Originally Posted by The Veil Guy View Post
    Well I experienced a big time save today on I-95 southbound north of I-695 outside of Baltimore with two state troopers operating LTI lasers.

    I was in the left lane, cruising WELL ABOVE the posted limit and was a sitting duck, when my 9500ci/ZR4 starting alerting to laser jamming in the front. I managed to safely change lanes (into the center) and duck behind another vehicle to block the majority of the view of my vehicle (except for the driver's side lights).

    As I passed him, he came out to the highway, turned on his rollers, and...subsequently pulled SOMEONE ELSE OVER.

    Had it not been for the ZR4/Veil combo on my silver bimmer, he would have had me dead to rights in the left lane, no question about it.

    As it is, I have yet to have my Veil/ZR4/9500ci combination fail me on laser.

    It's been a little while since I have gotten tagged with laser, so pardon me if I sound a little giddy, but damn, that was fun.
    Indeed, Bob. Well done!!!

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    Default Re: Big time save: Zr4 + veil

    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedUp View Post
    MSP has a contract with Kustom Signals, only guns I've ever seen used by the state police is PL2 and PL3...

    Attachment 4698

    Attachment 4699
    Attachment 4700

    ^^All these photos were taken this summer. That's why I was asking about the gun you saw used. It was probably a PL3. The area you're talking about I know very well and they do use a PL3 there all the time. I have never encountered any guns past PL2, PL3 in MD. There is Calvert County where the sheriffs office has 1 UltraLyte LRB and Fredrick PD has a Truspeed.
    Cop #3 is a big dude.

    Nice save!!!

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    Default Re: Big time save: Zr4 + veil

    nice save man!!

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    Im happy with my zr4/veil setup also. It hasn't failed me yet. 2 plus yrs. and counting.
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