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    Okay, so obviously the ZR4 doesn't JTG like some other models, BUT, is JTG that much more important than being able to adjust your speed prior to the punchthrough? Also, the ZR4 is heck of a lot less price-wise and if its install is as easy as the ZR3, then that is a major advantage as well (with multiple cars, the savings can add up fast). So my curiosity resides here...Does the jammer normally give you enough time (between its initial detection/jamming and the punchthrough) to slow down without getting a ticket? Most people I know who have the unit seem to really like it (many use Veil in conjunction with it), and I have never read someone on a forum saying that they have gotten a LIDAR ticket with their ZR4. Furthermore, will the ZR4 have any affect whatsoever on the newer guns with different pulse rates/anti-jam software? How about established guns with recent firmware changes that have altered the pulse, such as the Stalker LZ1, which the ZR series has seemed to struggle in? I have the ZR3 somewhere, and am considering upgrading the heads to the ZR4 ones, or possibly buying a ZR4 for a vehicle that I don't consider used quite enough (hence high enough priority) to spend another grand and a half on another LI Quad HP...

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    Well, I can tell you that JTG ability is a BIG plus. I got ambushed from a 200 ft shot a week ago by a laser atlanta gun at a 35 deg angle. If I didn't have LIs who knows what would happen. Due to short distance, I accidentally ended up JTGing him while trying to get to PSL. He realized he got jammed (jam code on LA) and he gave me only a tint ticket.

    So close shots i'm not so sure the ZR4 can handle.



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