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    Default Veil + Tape Questions (With Illustrations)

    Hey Guys,

    I've been veiling my car for a while already and its an awesome thing. I wanna try something new, but prior to that, i have....umm... simple infrared / light reflection questions.

    My Plan:

    I want to put VEIL on the headlights and then tape the veil with clear tape on my headlights. Do this in order to protect the veil application from chipping during the bad winds here.

    As shown in the illustration pictures, the first picture is the regular veil application we all do here.

    The Second Picture is how the infrared light goes thru the regular veil application.

    The Third Picture is my proposed plan of putting the clear tape over the application of veil.

    Here is where i get stuck. The two pictures,

    The Fourth Picture (Situation 1) is the 4 and 5. Which light path is correct? Is the infrared light gonna take the light path of situation 1 below(picture 4), or situation 2(picture 5). I am not sure if the infrared light 904 nm will just not see the tape and go past it thru the veil and hit the reflector, or will it just bounce off the tape and never reach the reflector?

    Thank you for your time guys. Will be waiting for your responses.

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    In essence you are asking the same question about the laser shield for the licence plate, discussion was extensive weather rain water that sometimes gets traped between the plastic layers would in essence adda reflective layer like your tape. What is the answer, no one really figured it out for sure. When in doubt, dont mess with it, plus I dont think the taping will look nice, but I could be wrong.

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    If the tape is actually shiny, it may actually hurt your performance.

    Provided the coating setup correctly, Veil should be able to withstand wind.
    Stones and gravel will ultimately take its toll on the film (we have had Veil on one of our vehicles for over 2 years now and that includes two winters) and its only beginning to show some signs of wear.

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