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    Default Motorcycle headlights


    I've been toying with the idea of using protector covers over my FJR headlights. The reflectors on this bike are supposed to be state of the art which no doubt contributed to a Lidar ticket I got last year.

    With the protectors I could apply Veil both sides like you recommend for plate covers.

    Heres a photo of a 2005 bike however mine is a lighter silver blue cover.

    What do you think?

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    here is one test of the effectiveness, but these results should not be always expected
    Quote Originally Posted by The Veil Guy
    Here's a sneak preview of how VEIL performed against the mighty Laser Atlanta in Stealth Mode. Most radar detectors/laser jammers will not detect [or jam] the stealth gun - which is pretty scary! With VEIL, though, its an entirely different story!

    Unedited/Raw Veil Sneak Preview

    We won't even attempt to suggest that one should expect this outcome in every laser encounter either with a car or a motorbike. Far from it, but nonetheless, it makes for an interesting conversation starter! :wink:

    The Veil Guy 8)

    Spoiler: show

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    Thanks crazyVOLVOrob...


    Basically VEIL reduces 99%+ of all laser reflectivity. You could get away with on good/smooth coating on each of the lights and reflectors and indicators without noticeably diminishing light output or changing the appearance of your motorbike.

    IMHO, two coats are only required for large light coloured retro-reflective plates that essentially magnify the reflective energy about upto 900 times or three magnitudes or order.

    This phenomenon doesn't happen with headlights and the like so one good coat will essentially eliminate the laser reflection from treated sources which will conform precisely to the shapes and topography of whatever VEIL coats.

    If you want to use housing covers, on treatment on the outer-side should be more than adequate and two, a likely waste of the product.

    If and when you get there, PM me some PICs and perhaps I will incorporate them into our site, if that's ok with you.

    The Veil Guy 8)
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