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    Default replica plates and veil question

    I expect to veil my headlights on Wednesday, time and weather permitting. Question I have as I have seen numerous posts for replica plates, how and where does one obtain them if I may ask. I would like these instead of veiling my cutsom plates. I have WI plates but currently live in MN and both have some techinical laws regarding plate covers such as laser shield.

    Thanks for the help

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    Hey man,

    The simplest solution to that is to take your plates to kinko's. Tell them you are doing a project for school and have them make you a color copy of your current plates on non-glossy paper. Take this copy, laminate it with plastic right there in kinko's.

    Buy a cheap transparent plastic plate cover from walmart. Put the laminate copy between the plastic plate cover and mount it on your car. You won't be able to tell the difference and the retroreflective surface will be eliminated. You can also veil the plate cover if you are paranoid like me.

    I had the plate like this for more than a year and its still the same.



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