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    Default VEILing mirrored backing inside headlight assembly?

    Or even the inside surface of the lens or both surfaces theoretiacally weatherproofing as an attempt at prolonging the effectiveness and requiring no re-applications?

    I know it would require removal and dissassembly of the headlights but I would do it. I'm not sure if untreated outer lens surfaces would still have a high reflective rate if the inside were VEIL'ed. Just wondering if anybody has done it and tested it before me.

    Does VEIL wear out from weather elements or UV light?

    I'm not trying to infringe on repeat product sales to the veil guy but am considering the product and would go like to try anything that could maintain effectiveness at reducing IR reflectivity.

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    I wouldnt there was discussion about VEIL-ing the inside of headlights and there are questions as to the HEAT resistance of VEIL in that HOT space

    and as for the reflective surfaces on the lights thought the lens was hot....... imagine that............but as for effectiveness, it might work but it might also kill the effectiveness of your headlights at the same time

    so IMO just veil the outside, it works REAL NICE especially on a black or any dark colored car



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