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    Default Thinning Veil

    Yesterday I finally got around to re-applying my Veil. Last time I did it I ran out and ended up with a streaky mess. I promptly ordered another can from Roy, received it, then let it sit for 3 months ops: Finally got around to reapplying yesterday.

    Anyway, my Audi has clear headlight lenses with a lot of silver reflective material inside. Very sharp looking headlights, until you put a coat of Veil on them. It always turns out too dark and ANY imperfections show up like a sore thumb. So I decided to experiment with thinning the Veil with some alcohol. After a few tries, I found a (roughly) 50-50 mix of Veil and 91% rubbing alcohol worked pretty well. The Veil is runnier so it spreads better (less streaking), and it doesn't darken my lights nearly as much. It dries on just as well as straight Veil. Hopefully it doesn't reduce its effectiveness too much.

    Once it stops raining (I hope the rain isn't ruining it! The Veil had plenty of time to dry) I'll take some pics and post them.
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    Sounds like a good idea, although I would wonder about the possibility of this reducing the effectiveness of the veil. Hopefully The Veil Guy will give some input on this



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