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    Default I have a Pearl white audi..will veil work on the headlites?

    I read tests and black car the veil reduced the detection range by 50% and on the white car the veil had no effect. Is this true? someone please chime in on this. I would like to veil my headlites for added protection. BTW I'm in and they love laser.

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    Veil will help some, since the headlights are more reflective than even the white paint.

    Do you have a front plate? If so, put a Laser Shield or a veiled plate cover on it.

    Your best bet is an Antilaser, then you won't need Veil at all.

    Nice Audi by the way.
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    It will still work on the headlights, but your car is light in colour, so the lidar can still reflect off of it. I have a silver vehicle, and I ordered a front end cover to make it less reflective...

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    Default i have a front plate...

    but it is a german plate, can I make make a thin cover for it and veil it?

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    While generally VEIL is not as effective on light cars as it is on darker ones,
    the most important contribution to laser reflectivity is shape NOT color.

    One example I like to refer to often to prove this point is Sethy's metallic silver Cavalier. In our experience metallic silver is tougher with laser than even white. However from Seth's own experiences with with traffic laser, VEIL has proven quite effective on his vehicle, indeed.

    Why? Shape.

    Having looked at your vehicle, you are fortunate in that you have a good shape. (ie; your white hood appears to almost appears horizontal...meaning that any laser reflection will be away from the gun, also your bumper doesn't appear overwhelmingly vertical - which is also good).

    Your lights are good candidates for VEIL whether you ever decide to go active or not.

    Besides, I have not yet come across an active jammer which hasn't been able to be defeated in certain situations...leaving VEIL a good bet in any event.

    As always, I would recommend having a good radar detector...

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    thank your for your posts...I will get veil'd.



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