EDIT: NEVERMIND I just noticed this has been thought of before. Sorry.

To start off I have never used or seen Veil.... The other day I had to fix a leaking headlight ( it separated due to an accident) . It was on a Honda Accord and I found a guide on taking a Honda headlight housing apart. Anyways I cleaned off the headlight and sealed it back up. Now I thought that it would be possible to apply Veil on the inside of the headlight "lense" so that it would last forever, free from debris (sorry Veil Guy) . Now my only conern would be the reflectivness of the exposed, but clear, headlight. Do you think the clear headlight "lens" with Veil on the backside would be reflective to laser? If Veil's concern is to block out the chrome reflectors inside the headlight, then this would be a nice way to aplly veil so it doesn't chipp and fade away.

Here is a link to the guide I used to take the headlight apart. It also showes how you can paint the inside chrome, which might be of interest to some.


Let me know what you guys think about this.