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    Default Veil installed on a 1999 BMW 540i. Some questions


    I have two cars. A 1999 Silver BMW 540i that I drive daily and a 1988 White BMW 325is with an M50 engine swap and lots of other stuff.

    Both cars are hardwired for my V1 which I ALWAYS take with me when I swap cars.

    The 540i is my daily driver. I live in Phoenix/Tempe and have noticed that highway patrol and sheriffs office use KA, but Tempe cops use LASER almost exclusively.

    My V1 saves me from tickets on the highway all the time, but I have had a few close calls from laser traps on the Tempe city streets.

    I don't want to splurge for a jammer just yet, so I thought I'd try VEIL.


    If the VEIL can even give me just 3 seconds of warning, that should be enough time for me to slow down from 60-65 to the 40-45 limit


    Last night I applied VEIL to the headlights, fog lights, and front plate (vanity plate...real plates are not required in AZ) of my 540i..

    My digital camera is not charged but my car looks exactly like this:

    The only difference is I have a front vanity plate installed. The headlights and fog lights look OK, but the plate looks terrible now that it is coated in VEIL. It looks like my plate was just splashed with overspray. So my question is:

    1. Would I be better of running no front plate and just the black bumper strip like the picture I posted above?


    Running a license plate coated with VIEL and just dealing with the fact that it will look terrible.


    Removing the plate and applying VEIL to the black bumper strip.

    Of the 3 options above, what it most likely to be most effective?


    It is my understanding that light colored cars with small headlights are easy targets for laser. You can see in my sig picture that my white 325is may be the perfect target as it is boxy, white and has small headlights.

    Would it be worth applying VEIL to the white 325is or would the light color, small headlights, and boxy shape be too much for VEIL to overcome?

    Any help or recommendations would be awesome.

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    First off ditch the front plate altogether.
    don't put veil on anything but your head lights.
    Yes light color cars are easy targets for laser.
    No small headlights are an advantage.-->headlights are normaly (besides the front plate) what the LEOs shoot to get a reading.

    To conclude put veil on headlights
    remove front plate all together, including that black flat sheet (flat surfaces are bad).

    And about the three seconds i honsetly have no clue
    Hope this helps

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    Even though your car is white, veil will still help at long distances.

    Dont use a plate if possible. Just veil your headlights only! Don't bother with that black rubber strip since its black rubber. Nobody veils their front bumper anyway.

    3 seconds??? In your 540i (doesnt the veil guy have the same car?), at long distances i'm sure you can get even more than 3 seconds, as your distance to the laser gun decreases, your reaction time will also decrease.



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