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    Default Amazing results...

    I bought some new bulbs (Silverstars) and in my car to change them I need to take the headlights off completely. Since the rubber seals around were starting to come off I took those off as well to reglue them. And since I could take them into the house I thought I would redo the Veil job. I did it 3 times in a row about 6 months ago but the best result was questionable at best. It held in there very well all this time and looked ok from 10 feet away but closer it wasn't too pretty. But now they look absolutely amazing, the best I have ever seen on this forum (did I mention how modest I was...). There are a few specs of dust although I did use cotton to clean them but other than that there is no smudging at all. I mean none whatsoever! Perfectly smooth. I've seen very very good jobs on this forum but most of the time they were achieved by using a lot of the stuff, making things pretty dark (which is y i changed my bulbs in the first place). My ones aren't dark at all... I still can't believe how well they turned out. I tried taking pics but my mobile doesn't really convey the greatness of the job Since those silverstars apparently burn out every other week I can always redo the job in about a year or so. Hope they keep making the stuff...

    So if you are really bothered to get a good result:
    - take off the lights (in most cars it's fairly easy)
    - take off whatever is around the lenses (rubber seals etc) so u can get sweeps from the very end to the very end
    - use a foam (sponge) applicator, buy a 4'' one (or more of them), the ones that come with it are too narrow and don't even consider the brush
    - soak the applicator in there loads, get it loaded good. At the end u can squeeze the remainder back in using some plastic (yes, yes i'm cheap...)
    - speed is the most important thing, work fast and don't pass over the same place more than 3 times, resist the temptation to "fix" smudges, they'll get better as it flows and anyway touching it too much will only make things worse
    - leave them for 48 hours. since they're indoors won't need to go through the whole science of what weather is perfect...
    - If u do do them on the car much of this still applies. Also someone suggested to me covering them with towels overnight against dew which worked great (only if outdoors of course).

    Oh and did I mention it also saved my ass twice on the highway while doing 80+ in the fast lane. It's a nice side-effect of the good looks

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    - clean old Veil with alcohol, duh, I used some 90% and it works very well
    - the applicator prob isn't 4 inch, mayb more like 3 and I think newer veil comes witha bigger applicator so that might be big enough, not sure, i got mine quite a while ago (lasts for about 5 applications on very large headlights + foglights) i still got some
    - The whole use gravity thing is useful but works even better if the headlights are more horizontal (unless they're still on the car)
    - not having to worry about dripping onto the paint or into the seals is a HUGE help

    Hope it helps, save u from the horrible stuff I did at first.



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