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    Default Veil and weathered plastic lenses (Dodge Caravan)

    Has anyone any experience with the use of VEIL on weathered plastic lenses. I've restored lenses using colloidal silica in IPA (ceramic cooktop cleaner) and restored their optical clarity with spray cooking oil (aka PAM). But I've also restored their lidar return as well
    If I strip the PAM and replace it with VEIL, will the VEIL act as the PAM does for optical purity with the added bonus of IR attenuation?
    This is rough territory as my wife's minivan went from having useless headlights to "as-new" illumination with the polish/PAM procedure (did I mention I used Scotch-Brite for the initial cutting of the mottled plastic?) and I'd prefer not to take a backwards step. OTOH, she's had Chrysler-VEIL as a counter-measure for the past two years


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    So far, my Veil applications have produced a slightly bumpy and tinted look (even after cleaning with alcohol) on glass. However, the application on plastic appears to be smooth and slightly darker. It might just work.



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