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    Default Pic's of my VEIL application today before and after veil.

    Its drying in the garage right now so these pic's are darker wet then dry. I took most of the shots of the Driverlite due the sunset and giving too much reflection.

    Front shot before Veil

    Front shot after Veil

    Driver Light with Veil and blinker w/o veil

    Driver Light and blinker with Veil

    Passenger Headlite and binker w/o Veil

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    looks good man, nice and clean :wink: when i get my next car i will def put some veil on the headlights

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    thanks, did you decide on your next car?

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    Looks good however with that huge plate and your car being white I really doubt the veil will help all that much (I could be wrong though)! POPO's haven't pulled you over for not having a WA plate on the front?

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    I havent had a problem with 5.0 with the last few Audi's and Porsche that I owned and was sporting a europlate also. I have been bumper to bumper facing each other at a 4 way stop and I ask myself this the time they pull me over? and they keep of going. I'm starting to see more and more euro cars having europlates on.

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    They're waiting for the right time to use against you :twisted:

    BTW, nice job

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    They have had plenty of chances. thanks.



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