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Thread: Renew my coat

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    Default Renew my coat

    WTF happend below? Anywho...............
    I'm just about go for a big ride where i'm going to speed my asss off, ****e....when don't i,
    This stretch of road is one of the most Policed in the state. So, just for argument sake, my veil was applied 8 months ago and i was wondering, should i renew it fresh, as to more often 8)

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    It really depends on the quality of the appearance.

    If the coating is still appears good (that is not thoroughly chipped off) then the performance will not be diminished.

    I have personally had the same coating of Veil on one of my vehicles for four plus years now, and tested well at several GoL tests even after all that time.

    Hope that answers your question.

    And good luck!

    Veil Guy 8)
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    Hey thanks Veil Guy 8)



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