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    Default Police, law, and veil in Canada

    I was curious as to whether or not veil is legal here in NS. Our highway traffic act seems to me to be open to interpretation regarding veil. With respect to headlight regulations, the only possibly relevant thing i found was this:

    The head lamps of motor vehicles shall be so constructed, arranged, and adjusted that... they will at all times... produce a driving light that is colourless and sufficient to render clearly discernible a person 60 metres ahead...

    Is veil "colourless"?

    Under the "radar warning device" section, it says:

    182A (1) In this Section, "radar-warning device" means any device or equipment designed or intended for use in a motor vehicle to warn the driver of the presence of radar speed-measuring equipment in the vicinity and includes any device or equipment designed or intended for use in a motor vehicle to interfere with the effective operation of radar speed-measuring equipment.

    Hmmm... aren't laser and radar two different things? So technically, anything that interferes with laser speed measuring equipment does not fall under this law... as I read it, anyway. This suggests that not only is veil legal, but laser jammers are too. What do you think? What would a judge say?

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    Can't help you on the "law" side. My brother-in-law's a lawyer, and I know I know nothing about his profession, so I'll take my nose out of that one.

    However, VEIL, when applied, depending on the number of coats (i.e. "thickness"), will reduce your lighting output somewhat. It's been quoted somewhere by a couple of different Forum members here that a double coat thickness will take away about *WHAT "FEELS" TO BE* 30% or so of lighting output.

    The lighting color changes, too - however, with the abundance of HIDs on-road today, it is unlikely that you'll attract undue enforcement attention unless your vehicle is noticeably older or otherwise does not appear to be a factory-HID equipped vehicle. Just be sure your headlight aim is within-code, as often, enforcers use perceived glare as a way to subjectively determine whether or not they think a vehicle is illegally modified with HIDs.



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