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    Default Updated VEIL Product

    Veil now comes in an updated package which includes:

    - An updated multilingual user manual
    - Additional 2" foam applicator
    - Revised test results
    - Revised registration form

    Veil Highlights:

    Performance - VEIL tested better in '04 than '03 at SML's testing venue.
    Appearance - VEIL appears more neutral in color.
    Usability - Veil should be easier to apply smoothly in a greater temperature range.
    Affordability - Treats up to 6-8 vehicles or one vehicle 6-8 times costing less than $12 per vehicle.

    Our staff is committed to continuous improvement. We are always researching/developing new and better materials to improve the value of Veil!

    Available at Radar Busters

    Veil Guy

    The Veil Guy
    ALERT: Purchase the latest Veil G5 Direct from the Manufacturer or from one of our Authorized Dealers at the Veil Store.

    Stay informed with the latest industry news and product reviews Veil Guy's Radar Detector Reviews.

    Experience real-world encounters as they actually happened on the open road, from the pioneer of this bonafide real-world testing format. Visit Veil Guy's radar detector videos.

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    Default Update?

    Is update just physical (new foam, manual etc.) or also chemical? From which serial number on is Veil lighter in color?

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    Well, it LOOKS like its got some new forms and manual and an extra applicator...

    the wording is confusing though... under the "Highlights" section it would appear to mean there is a chemical improvement... from his wording "VEIL appears [b]more[/b[ neutral in color". Now... more than what? More than the previous version?

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    Default Updated Veil

    My concern exactly. Although I believe that there are no chemical changes in the product and it is as it is - it's probably not an overnight change, they developed it for some time. Anyway, a new more practical applicator ould be sufficient for me.



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