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    Default Questions about reflective surfaces for laser

    I have learned that the most common places for a front laser shot are the headlights and front license plate.

    However, why would a bumper not a be a good reflective suface?

    Here is a pic of what the front of my car looks like (2003 camry minus the front license plate but mine does have the front plate)

    Is this a big laser magnet?

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    ive got 3 letters for ya.........

    F... R... P

    Plastic isnt too great of a reflective material

    and it also depends on the color and shape...... ideal specs are a curvy black bumper........... bad is a flater white bumper

    on some American Pick-ups with the chrome front bumpers its a laser shot waiting to happen............ but the camry there should be fine enough as it is in terms of its bumper being reflective



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