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    Default Even with a jammer, get some VEIL

    Quote Originally Posted by Sethy
    During the preliminary testing, with 1 unit, the Lidatek jammed all distances ( including aiming at headlight as well ) on all guns. Although the lidatek did not alert to stealth mode, it is still very impressive. However, it will only jam for 5 seconds until it turns itself off. We did do some testing, that I drove to 90-95MPH where they would hit me, and I would have to slow down to the legal speed of 65MPH. I accomplished this with a second left to spare, he hit me unexpectedly which would simulate the perfect real world experience.

    The blinder still packed a huge punch to jammers, it was a JTG on almost all guns, with the exception of the headlight shots which were kept under 150 feet. During this test, it was proven how important level jammers were. It makes the difference between JTG and punch through.
    Above copy taken from Sethy's SML report....

    VEIL will work with your jammer to help you out. After the Lidatek's 5 second jamming time, you're unprotected, and this is where VEIL comes in. On the Blinder, testing (check thestaton's video) has shown punch through at long and very short distances while VEIL gives you an extra layer of protection, particularly on the vulnerable headlights.

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    I dont think 5 seconds is really enough under cetain situations, especially at highway speeds.

    Is the 5 seconds there because it overheats or something?

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    I would think if the Lidatek pans out it shouldnt be a problem to figure out how to eliminate the 5 second delay.

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    I think the reason Lidatek has a 5 second activation period and then stops is because of the Infrared Led's inside the jammer. The Led's have to be pulsated at high power, and therefore if it jams for too long the led's might burn out fast.

    I wish i knew circuitry better... there are many circuit plans out there on the internet on how to make a Infrared jammer/laser jammer.

    Even the 904 nm led's are on sale at some websites!

    I say we need people who are engineers on this site to try to work out a scheme like this . At least an infrared reciever would be great.

    This way we could just put those near our headlights/license plates and we would know when we are hit by laser every time!

    This, with VEIL can go a long long way... even if there is no jammer on the car.

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    Lidatek only has the jammer active for 5seconds as default cause it as a company does not want to encourage speeding...but if any of you called Lidatek customer service they are willing to extend the firing time.

    Sethy was able to get down from 90-95 in time

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