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    Default front plate solution? angle plate slightly down (or up)

    been looking for a solution for MD.

    wondering if that will work?

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    Most likely not since almost all state plates are retroreflective. They'll reflect light regardless of the angle that it hits in from.

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    I was having the same problem in Texas. I got a CR8APL8 made for my front end. It won't pass close inspection but from a distance it looks legal. More importantly it's made of light molded plastic so it's non reflective.

    I ordered on-line and got my plate in a week. I would post pix but that would defeat the purpose of blurring out my plate number.
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    can you post a sideshot or a highly angled shot so i can see what the surface looks like? an angled shot should still make the plate illegible.

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    It's been my experience that you can make an improvement by pitching the plate forward a bit. Laser likes perpendicular surfaces for maximum reflectivity. By slightly angling the plate (I prefer downward) you will, indeed, reduce the reflection back to the laser gun.

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