After personally searching, I don't think you will find it at an autoparts. Its best to go to a body shop supplier, etc where they sell quality paints and supplies such as PPG and 3m

Anyway, I now have a huge bottle of this stuff.

I plan to rub it on my headlights a few times. I did a test run and it looked like it helped remove some of the scratches which makes sense since its rubbing compound.

After a few buffs with this stuff, I plan to wipe everything down with ammonia. Does this sound sufficient to prepare the headlights for veil application? Will this sufficiently remove any wax build up on the headlights?

What about chrome?? I don't want to scratch my chrome by using rubbing compound. Should I just thoroughly wipe it with ammonia. Veil looked great on my chrome but peeled off super easy.

Any other suggestions? I appreciate everything guys.