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    Default Veil and flat front bumper

    I drive a black S-class Mercedes with no front plate here in Arizona. The frontal surface of the bumper is relatively flat with only a slight curvature so even with Veil on the lights, grille etc I'm concerned about reflecting laser off my bumper even though it's black.

    To further complicate things I'm a detailing nut and my paint is near-flawless and very glossy. I've considered getting a bra but there is too much possibility of paint damage underneath it as dust accumulates. I also understand from reading the Veil manual that it can damage paint and must not be used on the paint surfaces.

    Any ideas? Or am I okay with the black surface and making a big deal of nothing?

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    A black surface is less reflective than a silver or white surface. Even a silver surface is less reflective than your headlights, which in turn is less reflective than your front plate if you have one, which you indicated you don't. This means your most reflective points are the headlights. Veiling the headlights will help. Of course, no passive countermeasure is 100% effective (neither is a jammer), but it's better than nothing at all. It could make the difference between having 3 seconds to hit the brakes vs. getting clocked instantly resulting in a ticket.

    Is your bumper a shiny black or a matte black? Matte would absorb more but shiny would likely reflect the laser off in the wrong direction.
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    Shiny ... very shiny ... as I said I'm a detailing enthusiast so my car will literally blind you in the sun if you're not wearing sunglasses ... lol

    From reading the site it appears that a Blinder would be the way to go especially since Arizona is greatly increasing it's laser enforcement efforts. Then I could move my detector to the top of the windshield for better range and concealment too.



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