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    Default Laser Veil and Shield saved me!

    To Mr. Veil,

    Just to report to you that my Veil application on my vehicle saved me from a speeding ticket during my vacation on one of the Northern Gulf Islands in BC.

    I didn't expect cops to be trapping cars off the ferry, especially that if you want to make it to another ferry on the other side of the island.

    Anyways, I didn't have my detector on my windshield because I never seen cops do this before.
    The LEO shot me within 100m, yes that's like point blank range. Initially, I thought he got me because he did a U-turn after I passed him and followed me for awhile. I decided to park in the food mall to hide from him. He followed me there too and parked next beside me..
    When I left the vehicle, the cop didn't look at all happy. Looks like he's itching to give me a ticket there. Stayed in the mall for 20mins and he was still there! I guess he's really determined to nail me. 5 mins later, I sent a friend out to check the situation and he saw the LEO inspect my headlights and license plate very closely as though he suspects I have some kind of countermeasures. He then jumped into his RCMP truck and took off..

    I believe that he probably clocked me with his laser, maybe an LTI Ultralyte and couldn't get a reading. Got curious and followed me to ascertain why his gun was jammed. I believe he knew..

    Next time, I will turn my detector on regardless if I'm on any island..

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    well u didnt have your RD on so you are just assuming he shot you but a good way to take off and start your story

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamQuack
    well u didnt have your RD on so you are just assuming he shot you but a good way to take off and start your story
    Yeah.. That would be a good time to test my Whistler's laser detection capability. Somehow, I doubt it'll perform any better than your V1 at very close range. But u are right.. I was assuming it was laser because, the cop got out and look at my headlights and front license plate afterwards in the parking lot.

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    No detector performs as good as a V1 in laser detection But I have full confidence that Whistlers laser diodes can detect direct-hits well, particulary with a lower mount

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    Welcome to our forum and please call me Bob (or the Veil Guy). :wink:

    Most Interesting experience and thanks for your feedback.

    Be safe, my friend.


    x2! I am particularly impressed with the abilities of the Whistler's Pro-78 (or XTR-690) in this regard.

    Veil Guy 8)
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