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    Default How much VEIL should I have used?

    So, I just received my VEIL in the mail on Wednesday. I was excited to paint it on my headlights, fog lights, turn signals, etc. So, I taped up my headlights with masking tape, to help with the run off and began. To make a long story short, I just painted it on and kept going until both sides kind of resembled each other. It's really hard to make each side match the same darkness, so I pretty much kept going and going! In the end, I had used up half of the VEIL! So, I guess the simple question is how many coats should I use for next time? Does making the headlights darker rather than lighter affect the effectiveness?

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    The container is intended to provide about 9-10 applications, but as a general rule, I think 2-3 coats should do it. Any more than that won't improve your resistance to LIDAR, however it will continue to reduce your light ouput.

    What car do you have? Depending on your headlight design, you should general try to apply it in smooth, straight, horizontal strokes all the way from one side of the headlight to the other, beginning at the top and moving to the bottom. Repeat this for a second and maybe third coat, and you should be good.



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