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    Default Hmm....

    How would veil do an a big red 93 bonneville? I am looking at a laser jammer & maybe a can of this veil stuff.

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    Default Red is a funny color

    I used to own a Red Prelude and I allways had a tough time targeting it with laser especially with Veil applied.

    I spoke to Craig Peterson about this phenomenom and he suggested that Red appears essentially black to the Laser Gun.

    Therefore, you ought to do well with Veil.

    Although Veil tends to do better on medium to darker cars we actually faired quite well in our latest SML testing last July. Summary results can be found on Roy's site.

    The reason that Veil also works on lighter cars is that areas that would otherwise be reflective or appear light to the laser gun will instead be blacked out. In otherwords, areas of the vehicle treated with VEIL which are illuminated by the laser will be squelched or blacked out.

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