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    Default Veil and Legality

    Ok, my first run of putting on Veil didn't come out so great.. I made a mess and the lights were way to dark.. I put on 3 coats!

    My father saw my headlights and FLIPPED out, and they took my car to get an oil change and some other stuff done, and the shop told them it wouldn't PASS INSPECTION in its current state..

    SO, I removed the veil with Windex, quite easily, and still have 1/2 a can I'm going to re-apply, like I saw the Veil Guy doing in the video, just 1 coat, starting from the top heavy and working down with gravity..

    ...Assuming I do it right this time with just 1 coat, and it's not as dark as I had it, will I have any inspection problems with a proper coat? I'm in NY.

    Also, would it be legal to affix some sort of cover that can be removed, treated with Veil over the headlights?


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    One coat, properly applied, should be fine. Three coats would make the headlights too dark.

    Worst case, if you still have issues with inspection, you can take the Veil off, get the inspection, then re-apply.
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    Wouldn't more than one coat be even more effective? (yes it would diminish light-output but more effective against lidar nonetheless)?

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    One good coat should really be more than enough to do the job, really.

    If one examines the Guy's of Lidar videos of happya$$' car one will not see a dramatic improvement with one Veil coating on the headlights versus the addition of the tinted plastic covers with an additional coat on each side of the covers.

    The great majority of reflection is already eliminated with one decent coat. Any more, results in reduced subequent improvement.

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