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    Default Ghetto super-veil

    I do not have a very stealthy car right now, so it probably would not make a difference (it is white). However, my next car will be black and I do not have front plates. Also, I tend to drive long distances (NC to FL -- I95) and do so during the day.

    Many sports cars in the past had flip up headlights and we know this greatly helps with laser stealthiness. I am not sure about the legal issues so maybe someone can enlighten me there. Nevertheless, what do you all think about putting some sort of completely opaque (black) tape over the headlight lenses, for daytime interstate use only. Or if you wanted to you could take it a step further and could fashion some sort of lens cover that looks like the smoke ones but is complete opaque for daytime use only.

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    Default headlights

    I was thinking about doing that myself. Let us know what you do.

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    Black tap eon the headlights? Sounds like a lot of work, a probably some kind of equipment violation depending on the law wherever you may happen to be driving.

    Why don't you just use Veil?

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    As long as the blinkers show, there shouldn't be any problem, right?

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    what are you going to do if it suddenly starts to rain which means you should have your lights on and windshield wipers?

    .. oh and if its something like a tint, i know that some states do infact give you a ticket for having tinted/darkened tail/headlights



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