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    Default Re-applied tonight -cold weather

    Well I had to re-apply my Veil tonight. I purchased it about 2 years ago and this spring I put it on my new car I bought. All was good and it saved me a few times with quite a bit of warning (sometimes up to 8-10 seconds of warning with the V1). Come to think of it, I never took the can of Veil out of the garage over winter. It got to -17*F last winter here in WI with out the wind chill and it worked fine this past summer. Is there a storage temp for Veil?

    The reason I had to re-apply is I took 2 deer out at the same time going through North Dakota about a month ago and it took out both headlights. Otherwise, the other car I have Veil on, it is still on it's first application after 45,000 miles.

    I will let you know how it goes; not expecting much since I am applying it in a heated garage, letting it dry and then driving it home. It is supposed to get to 0*F tonight here so I am wondering if after 30 min's of drying (no longer tacky to the touch) if it is going to chip off?

    I have not been on the forums in the last year or so, but after purchasing a new detector for my fiance for Christmas I wanted to read up and find what was the best out there since her X-8500 took a cr*p on her. I ended up getting her a V1.

    Question is, I thought I read something regarding new Veil that does not block as much light from the headlights? Any way to dilute the Veil I have now so it does not hurt the lights so much?

    Thank you in advance, Chris

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    Isnt diluting the veil kind of going against why you are putting it on there??? I would never put any coating on my headlights to reduce visability--I like to see



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