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    Default How far to place detector from license plate when using Veil

    Hi, I've been looking into buy some Veil so that if my radar/laser detector (Bel Vector 955) goes off from a laser, it may buy me a few extra seconds (laser jammers are illegal in Utah). They say that at 500 feet away, a laser is 18 inches across, at 1000 feet away it's 36 inches across. So in determining how far away the laser detector can be, do you just half that (take the radius) and measure that from halfway inside the license plate to the detector?

    For example, if I want it to go off when targeted from 500 feet away, instead of measuring 18" I would take a yard stick and measure half of that at 9" and start at the middle of the license plate and see if it reaches my laser detector? I take it that the police officer won't target the area inbetween the license plate and my detector, so that's why I wouldn't measure 18"?

    Is that how it usually works when detectors go off? Does much deflect off and stray pieces of the laser come up and hit the detector? How do you guys usually determine if there's too much distance between your detector and the surfaces of your vehicle that traffic enforcement may target?


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    Don't bother with those measurments.You don't need to do that.If you are worried about Laser,then mount your RD as low as possible,but the fact is,if you are the target you have very slim chances.I would rather mount RD under rear view mirror to pick up scatter when car in front of you is targeted.Under RVM is really good position for RD.It's low enough to pick Laser and high enough for good radar detection.

    I have V1 hardwired under RVM,it looks great,it works great and it's protected from direct sunlight.

    VEIL will not give you any protection under 600ft.Unless you drive a Corvette or some other sports car with small cross-section or a car with retractable headlights.

    You said that LJ are illegal in your state.That's not a big problem as long as you use it wisely(slow down-shut off LJ-let the LEO get your speed).Cases where people got in trouble for using LJ are extremely rare.

    BTW,if you have your mind set on VEIL,then it might be a good idea to wait for a month or so,for new (inpruved?) VEIL to come out.

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    There are two defenses against laser:

    1: Get a V1 and make your car completely non-reflective. This means Veil on all front lighting, no front plate or a Lasershield cover over your front plate, black paint (preferably not metallic or "pearl", which mine unfortunately is), no chrome or other reflective accents. This can work if you are very alert, have good reflexes, and have good brakes. It's saved me, but is not a "set it and forget it" kind of solution. Simply Veiling your headlights and hoping that your Passport/Bel will save you is not going to cut it.

    2: Get a laser jammer. Veil helps here, but right now the best jammers seem to be COMPLETELY effective against all of the current laser guns regardless of Veil, so you may not need it at all.

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    If you want to catch direct hits, mount as low as possible without the unit being obstructed by the wipers or any other opaque object. Angle the detector slightly down towards the hood but not too much as to impact radar reception significantly.

    Or get a V1 where if you just toss it anywhere in your car it'll probably alert to a direct laser hit



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