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    Default laser sheild? veil? photocopy?

    ok heres the deal, finally got a radar detector and now its time to get some laser protection, i have a black 944 with pop up headlights and a black bra, basically, a stealth mobile, other than that big bulls-eye of a front plate. which i have already been politely asked by an officer to put on. sooooo......laser shield? veil? Laser shield with veil? or what about this photo copy method?

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    I'd buy plastic shields for front and rear plates and then Veil both sides of them.

    Then send me the leftover Veil.

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    Personally after putting Veil on a couple of vehicles, and also laser shield I would have to say that I would be very cautious about Veiling the plate or even vailing a cover. The Laser Shield alone obstructs the view of the plate enough to possibly get the wrong kind of attention so I wouldn't Veil it personally. I would try Laser Shield first and see how you like it before applying Veil. Veil does darken things and might get you the wrong kind of attention. YMMV

    Drive Safe, Have Fun,

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    grambo i tried PM'ing you but i dont know if you got it, so here it is

    heres a set of pics... theres one with a direct comparison of photocopy/veil/lasershielf-VS-real plate

    i tried a few set ups with Veiled plexiglass and what not, but my current one is best.

    the only time i dont like how it looks is when it gets wet. when the water gets between the photocopy and the lasershield it distorts the plate a little bit. not too bad tho, and its just water 8)

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    Seeing as how I am not s'posed to have a cover, when it rains... its sucks! My plate tends to blur and the foggy look shows up when any "precipitation" shows up. I end up not driving 'til it evaporates 8)



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