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    Default Car Wash

    Put my VEIL on about 2 weeks ago, I have not washed it since then

    I am going to a full service wash (actual people dry your car) and was wondering if it is good for the VEIL?


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    A car wash shouldn't hurt Veil as long as it was applied per the instructions. I had mine blown away once but I think I screwed up the application that time. You shouldn't have anything to worry about.

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    Make sure that you tell them about the Veil on your car or else they may tell you about a dark film that they had a hard time getting rid of your car's headlights, foglights, license plate, etc. Also make sure that they do not pressure wash any areas that have Veil on them either. Honestly, I just gentle wipe down areas that have Veil on my car because the stuff is pretty expensive.

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    I take my car to the power wash at least once a weak. I try to avoid it with the soap and the foam brush, the foam brush must have some sort of alcohol or amonia in it, because it will eat at the veil.

    I just do everything but the headlights, then just manually do the headlights with a wet rag. Havnt had any problems since.



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