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    Default I have a question regarding laser/veil

    I have done ALOT of research about radar, laser, detection, instant-on, ect within the last week. Because i recieved a ticket for 87 in a 70mph zone. My gauges read 80, an i was set in cruise control. But whatever...I paid the ticket, But I dont want this to happen again. EVER!!

    I plan on buying a V1 this weekend, an i also plan on ordering a can of Veil for my front license plate (its required in my state to have one, otherwise i would just take it off completely)

    My head lights and tail lights are "smoked" with covers from Vent Shade. Meaning they appear completely black unless i use the turn signal or turn on my headlights. I perfur not to remove the covers to put veil on them because i like them they way they are.

    My question is,

    A. I heard police shoot for license plates or other reflective surfaces (like headlights) would my black headlights be unreflective if the officer aimed at them insted of my front plate?

    B. Where else is the officer likely to aim?

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    Helo and welcome to the forum - sorry you got nabbed that sucks. You can't go wrong with a V1 on laser, however keep in mind that you definetly can't rely on a laser detector only. Here is a thread that kind of discusses your question on the headlight covers:

    Also I'd get the laser shield for your plate, and if you do a search through the Veil section here there are some other ways that people have lowered reflectivity on their plates (my state does not have a front plate requirement so I am not an expert there).

    I don't need Veil yet (knock on wood) but I know it's just a matter of time in my area, and I plan on purchasing it very soon. I have heard great things about the new formula that should be arriving from what I hear in early June. Check out the threads here on Veil G4. Most of the time the officer aims at the headlights, plate, or center mass of the front of the vehicle. Veil will save you some time, but the closer the officer is, the less likely. I would also check out the LaserVeil website, a lot of info there.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Dave,

    I ordered the V1 lastnight, I cant wait untill it gets here!!

    thanks for your info an link, that helped alot. I think I'm just going to buy a can of Viel and coat my headlight covers and put a few coats on my license plate. Thanks

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    What car do you drive? What color is it? Does it have chrome on the front of the car?

    Veil on your headlights and a Lasershield plate cover work great IF the front of your car presents very few other surfaces to reflect police laser. However, you can Veil your headlights until they're black and it still won't do you any good if the police can just get a reflecting off a gigantic expanse of chrome:



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