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    Default pm veil guy

    Is it just me or does the Veil Guy not answere pm to often?

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    I think it's just you.

    On the other hand, my father raised me with the stern warning that if anybody EVER asks "Is it just me or..." then I must ALWAYS answer that it is just him...

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    Please don't take it personally.

    I have been on the road the last week, performing real-world tests of our new Veil G4 product against REAL police laser speed traps.

    It was the only way for me to really know if we hit the mark in the realest of tests, actual speed traps. I am not about to expect you guys to trust Veil's performance until I have put my on driving record on the line with it.

    We're getting awfully close to releasing this product and expect to be in a position to start producing limited quantities to fulfill the back-orders (pre-orders) of Veil G4 so you guys will be able to experience the joy of Veil G4.
    Veil Guy
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