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Thread: Veil G4 MIA?

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    Default Veil G4 MIA?

    Is it vaporware, or is it actually going to be shipping anytime soon? I have been waiting for an opportunity to get a can....

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    Well Im not one of the guys your asking for, but I ordered mine 3wks. ago, and just talk to the guy where I ordered mine from and they told me another 3 wks. that was a few days ago when I talked to them. hopefully it's not any longer.

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    Hey Guys,

    ...Been out of town for the last several weeks...

    Veil G4 entered a limited production run several weeks ago to fulfill some orders that have been outstanding with radarbusters.

    We are experiencing a delivery delay of one of our special materials which we expect to be resolved by sometime next week. (This has prevented a larger production run).

    Once in-hand we are scheduled for a full Veil G4 production run within the following week with an expected lead time of about a week after that to get G4 into the hands of our dealers.

    OoS issues will (finally) be a thing of the past.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Veil Guy
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