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    Default Veil Effect on HI Zenon Lights

    Hi All

    I have an 08 Mercedes C350 Sport. At night the lights are really great on my winding rural roads. Will Veil G4 have a large effect on lights. Also how will it look with my Mars Red paint in the day time. I don't think they are using Lasers in the San Diego County area yet, but it is coming. I see that it is being used in Riverside County area. I am using the latest Escort with GPS and it is great. I mostly get Ka hits and I usually get them more than a mile away. The motorcycle guys are using Ka pop a lot. I thought they were not supposed to use that for tickets. I am new to the forum, so sorry if this is old stuff. One more question. Is there a URL where I can down load red light and speed camera locations to the escort?


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    I can't speak to the Veil questions, but I may be able to help on the Escort one. Do you have the 9500i or the 9500ix? My understanding is that the 9500i may at some point have software released for it that will allow you in some capacity to access the data that you've saved to the detector. I.e. GPS lockouts and marked locations. Only the 9500ix will have access to the database.

    Here's the site to register if you do have the ix:

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    As for how it will look with your paint...just imagine it on your car:

    As for how it will affect your HIDs...I don't know. I don't think anybody is really sure yet, except maybe the Veil Guy.



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