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    Default Does Veil work on the INSIDE of the glass/plastic?

    Just curious. If it were possible on some cars to disassemble the headlight lens/cover it sure would be nice to put on the inside. It would look great and not wear off.

    Just not sure if it works on the inside.

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    Default Re: Does Veil work on the INSIDE of the glass/plastic?

    Yes and no....

    Aesthetically, yes, the outer/uncoated surface will be "smoother," but you'll still be able to "see through" to the undersurface, which still won't be perfect, even with G4.

    As to actual performance against LIDAR, this question, I believe, has been posed by previous members (more in relation to aftermarket headlight/tail-light covers and plate covers), and IIRC, the answer is as such:

    A part of what VEIL accomplishes is also a surface effect. If you leave the outer surface - the one initially "attacked/probed" by LIDAR intact, it stands to reason that there should be a bit more LIDAR return from the untreated surface.

    Certainly, what's beyond - the critical lens/reflector of the lighting optics assembly - will be well-protected, and should also see full protection from VEIL, but it won't be optimal.

    [ Aside: Typically, the "shake and bake" process of "opening" factory-sealed headlamp units - separating the aerodynamic/cosmetic polycarbonate outer covering from the backing of headlight optics and componentry - requires the use of heat. Usually, "baking" the entire assembly in a large-enough oven is preferred over point application via heat-gun, due to the latter's not insignificant risk, even in experienced hands, of inducing heat-damage to components. Although the heat the "baked" unit is exposed to, to soften the factory sealant - is typically low (approx. 280 to 290 deg. F., for 10 minutes or so), I still don't know what, if anything, this might do to the physical properties of VEIL. Maybe The VEIL Guy can lend some expertice, here? ]



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