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Thread: Veil to Canada

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    Default Veil to Canada

    So as many of you I also got the email from Roy about Veil being on sale.

    I went to radar busters and decided I would order the Veil + Laser Shield combo. They informed me that they can't ship either of those to Canada!

    Is this new? I bought my STi from Radar busters and they shipped it right to my door in Ontario.

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    Default Re: Veil to Canada

    I was informed of this today, while I was traveling back from Speed Trap Hunting with Steve, from an online shopper.

    Would you kindly forward me (by PM) the details of what you received?

    For the sake of protecting our preferred retailers, Veil has established (and will enforce) a MAP policy and I was not aware of this.

    To your expressed concern:

    So long as Veil (for now) is shipped via a ground delivery service, I wouldn't expect you to have an issue.

    Please provide me of your location (also in a PM) and I'll see what we can do for you, if RB can not fulfill your order.

    Don't worry, we'll figure out a way to get something to you!

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    Default Re: Veil to Canada

    Veil is classified under HAZMAT, therefore cannot be shipped internationally.

    Also the discount was for subscribers of my BuyersGuide only and had a special link and code which covered the expense of shipping inside of the USA.
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    Default Re: Veil to Canada

    The other official distributor of Veil sent mine and an STi-R via UPS Ground with no troubles at all, got my G4 veil today right to my door in Toronto.

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    Default Re: Veil to Canada

    It has nothing to do with Veil being a hazmat substance. Radarbusters will not ship anyting to Canada that is not a detector. I tried to order a visor mount from them. They would not send even just that to Canada, only within the USA. Same story with Veil. They will only send actual detectors. is more than happy to send Veil to Canada out of the US, and mine just arrived from them. Very happy with them. Very unhappy with radarbusters, to the point I will not be doing any further business with them.



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