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    Default veil under clearcoat?

    I'll be testing veil on the motorcycle on saturday, if the results are as good as I'm hoping, I'd like to put it on top of the paint on the front of the bike when i repaint it and then clear coat over the veil, what do you think the results would be?

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    Default Re: veil under clearcoat?


    My guess is that the benefits of VEIL would be lessened....

    The reasoning would be the same as of treating the inside of a clear cover with VEIL, versus the outer surface.

    With the outer surface, you see a direct effect - whereas with the interior surface, there exists a "first pass" type effect in that you're already getting LIDAR scatter/reflections off the untreated outer surface, back to the LIDAR gun's detector.

    My guess is that yes, such a setup will still have some effect, but I honestly don't know if it would be worth the "dirty look" aesthetic compromise, given that, more than likely, the effect of VEIL would be reduced.

    Maybe The VEIL Guy can comment more accurately on this?



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