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Thread: G4 on paint?!

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    Default G4 on paint?!

    Would it damage the paint, chrome grille, or the bull guard?

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    Default Re: G4 on paint?!

    I have applied G4 to my car a few times and a few other vehicles as well. If the veil spills or drips down onto the pain just wipe it off, but it doesn't damage the paint if thats what your asking. The only reason, I can see, is that it stains the paint and its super hard to get off because removing veil usually takes some alchohol.

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    Default Re: G4 on paint?!

    The current formulation will likely leave some residue of color if left on a light-colored painted surface for an extended period of time. Quick drips should be just fine, but don't let them stay on too long.

    Although I can't formally recommend this procedure I have personally been successful at removing such artifacts well after the fact by mixing a very little (and I do mean a very LITTLE) bit of carb cleaner and (mostly) rubbing alcohol together onto a rag and then treating this solvent mixture to the effected area with great success and without hurting the surface.

    Just be advised that carb cleaner is an extremely aggressive solvent which loves to eat paint/clear coats in its undiluted form! which is why we don't formally recommend the practice.

    For those brave enough souls to attempt such a thing, I strongly recommend that you experiment with a very small area first, to get the procedure down.

    We are continually looking at ways of improving Veil on a variety of different levels and this issue, is one of them.

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