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    Default spoke to john at tiger lily about VEIL order

    i spoke to john from tiger lily about my VEIL order tonight and it sounded like he was unsure about it's effectiveness on my color car. it is diamond graphite on an Infiniti G35 sedan. i would say it is a medium silver/gray color, and i am hoping it will help with the laser situation. what do you guys think? it should help right? thanks

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    Veil will always help.

    But the true potential of the product may not be fully realized with lighter (light metallic silver, white, yellow) cars depending on their frontal shape.

    Although, VEIL tested very well at SML's test venue this past June on the medium and light cars we tested we still suggest that Veil should be most effective with medium and darker coloured vehicles. I'd rather err on the side of conservatism than to over-promise what the product can do.

    Which is to say the VEIL will certainly decrease the maximum targetable range of laser regardless of colour but it really performs the best with medium and darker vehicles.

    BTW, red, I believe, is consider a dark colour to laser.

    If you are especially concerned about laser with your light car, you may be better served with a laser jammer - like a Blinder.

    I still think - at about 15$ per application - VEIL can be cheap insurance, whatever you do.


    John's a good guy and I am pleased to hear that he isn't quick to over-promise the capability of VEIL, either.

    I consider myself fortunate to have good people on "our team" representing the product responsibly.

    The Veil Guy 8)
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    Default thanks

    thanks for the follow up. i think you are correct. better to have it, than not. i did appreciate john taking the time to talk to me about it. they actually called to say the are backordered and might have to expedite my order, so that i can get it for my road trip this weekend. they seem like a very good group of people. good customer service. i will consider a Blinder unit in the near future.



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