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    I've ordered my radar detector, now only one thing left... Lidar, and what to do about it. I've done my research, and on my budget, laser jammers are out of the question. I was wondering... With a radar detector and Veil, do I have enough protection from lidar? Can I go around and not get caught? (yeah, that question is kinda broad) When I first started researching this stuff, veil, and a radar detector seemed good enough. However, after reading some threads on this forum, it seems like a radar detector + veil + laser jammer combo is pretty common. Is it necessary? And also, let's pretend that headlights aren't part of the picture, would a liscense plate cover be just as good for the liscense plate as a coating of veil. Or does veil give more protection for the plate? Having to only put the veil on the lights would be a lot easier on the pocketbook. Or hey, if the protection from the lasershield plate cover is good enough, then I could just do that, but I seriously doubt that would be enough.


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    RD and Veil (for headlights only) is very good, add-up LaserShield if you have a front licence plate... it's just US$20 plus shipping from Roy.
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    I think you will get a good idea here:

    The data from GOL seems to indicate if they are shooting you with the LA Stealth or the Stalker you have a shot at out braking if you have a V1 and Veil. Any of the other guns or RD's and you might be in trouble.

    You will want the Laser Shield, and Veil. A lot depends on the vehicle your putting it on. The sleaker car, darker color will do better than a more angular car and lighter colors. Also consider a bra for further reduction in distance you get punch through. YMMV

    And by all means if you haven't pre-purchased a copy of the DVD of the Jammer/Veil tests please do so. You purchase will support future tests like this.




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