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    Default Veil Application

    Hi, newbie from the UK here.
    Just received a tub of Veil and keen to get it onto my car.

    Just got brand new plates for the car, so have applied the Veil, but i have to say I'm not that impressed but not with the product itself, rather with the application.

    I applied it using the mid size poly brush that came with the veil, but the horizontal lines are very obvious, and the numnber plate is also somewhat shaded now - its very obvious that I have something on the plate.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of a good way to apply to the plate (its a UK plate so is plastic)

    I though about maybe taking the veil off, taking the plate off and then reapplying with the plate flat so that gravity doesnt cause it to run down the plate?
    Also thinking I may have had too much on the brush?

    I'm nervous about putting it onto my lights now


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    Default Re: Veil Application

    I'd take it off NOW before it sets any more than it already has.

    The best way to go on licence plates is to Veil a clear plate cover instead of the plate itself. And it only takes one light layer to do the job. Done right, you should hardly even notice the shading.

    That said, Dr Coke did a great job Veiling his plate directly. You cannot even tell unless you are right up within a couple feet of the plate, looking directly at it. Check out his post and photos about it:

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    Default Re: Veil Application

    I just posted a thread in this forum section applying the Veil in very thin layers with brushes. It worked very well.

    As said above use a cover for your plate and veil the cover don't directly Veil the plate.



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